What I’m Doing Now

This is Michael Hartl’s /now page, per the /now page movement by Derek Sivers (@nownownow). It’s a page with information about what I’m up to now. Join my mailing list and follow me on Twitter to get more frequent updates.

Since the acquisition of my company in 2022, I have been focusing on reconnecting with my roots in theoretical physics. My current project involves a systematic course of study in mathematics. I’m beginning with a breadth-first approach, including proof-writing, contest math, and computation; these are my current slots:1

  1. Pure Mathematics for Beginners by Steve Warner

  2. How to Prove It by Daniel Velleman

  3. The Art of Problem Solving, Volume 1 by Lehoczky and Rusczyk

  4. Sage for Undergraduates by Gregory Bard

See my blog posts for more, especially Math Learning Project and Resources for Math Learning (Intro to Math).

I am also active as an investor and advisor to several startups and other projects, especially those related to AI, Urbit, and Bitcoin. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA (Venice Beach).

Last updated 2023-10-10.

1. Book links are to Library Genesis.